Arrow Challenge

Arrow Challenge
Arrow Challenge

Arrow Challenge is a reflex obstacle-dodging game that will test your mental arithmetic and reflexes. Get more arrows so you can eventually take out the guards. Take out all of the guards to win the game. Are you prepared to pick up all the arrows?

Direct the arrows with the mouse or by swiping, and let them pass through several bonus gates en route to the level objective. Here, you can increase the number of arrows or multiply the number of projectiles. However, you will lose arrows if you recognize a minus sign or a fraction after the colon. Taking time with one does not result in an increase in arrows, but it also does not result in a loss.

Therefore, a basic understanding of mathematics is advantageous, and if you guide your arrows through the green gates, you will be on the correct side. At the conclusion of each level, you must defeat as many guards as possible in order to earn a large number of coins. Upgrade your beginning arrows or your chances of winning before each stage, and then fire as many arrows as possible into the target.

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