Zombie Mission 10: More Mayhem

Zombie Mission 10: More Mayhem

Episode 10 of Zombie Mission 10: Prison Breakout is not yet finished! From the hidden prison area, the heroes received a new call. Following up on the events of the previous episode, "More Mayhem" picks up right where the previous one left off. Humanity is in danger from a variety of zombies and bosses, all of which have their own traps and weapons You have no time to waste before beginning the mission and fighting across 20 levels. 

An enjoyable platforming game with plenty of obstacles to overcome on the path to rescuing the helpless. Obviously, the first order of business is to shield yourself from the zombie guards' firearms. They pose a threat and could result in a fatality. However, even if you are injured, you can still benefit from these healing bonuses and increase your lifespan. Shoot for the coins and the hostages who are calling for help at all times. You can proceed to the next level through the portal once you have successfully taken and healed all of the hostages, collected all of the coins, and killed all of the zombies without being killed yourself. There are a total of 20 levels to complete, each of which requires a ferocious assault on the hordes of enemies. Several levels, including the last, feature boss enemies. As such, you should also give them a good fight. In order to save everyone, you must now get on the platform and complete the thirty levels.


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