Darkmaster and Lightmaiden

Darkmaster and Lightmaiden

Prepare yourself to see the peculiar friendship that develops between two distinct characters in Darkmaster and Lightmaiden. These otherworldly figures have gotten themselves into a sticky predicament, and they need your assistance to get out of it. Can you get through all of the stages by overcoming different challenges along the way?

In this game, which has 15 levels for you to play through, a thrilling adventure is waiting for you at each and every turn. Your purpose is well understood. It is necessary for you to guide both of the characters through the correct exit doors at the end of the level. In this game, you have a character named Lightmaiden and another named Darkmaster. Because each of these characters is resistant to puddles of the color that corresponds to their alignment, the character with the dark alignment can walk through dark puddles, and the same is true for the character with the light alignment. Every level contains a fresh set of challenging tasks. To find a solution to these problems, you will need to use both of the characters. You can choose to play the game by yourself, or you and another player can share the same keyboard and play together. Your goal should be to gather up all of the flames. When this condition is met, and only then, will the door leading to the exit become accessible to your characters. I hope you are successful and that you enjoy yourselves.

How to play

How To Play Darkmaster and Lightmaiden

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