Zombie Last Castle

Zombie Last Castle
Zombie Last Castle
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It's up to you to defend your territory and save your own life in Zombie Last Castle. Zombies are invading your town, and they're terrifying because they can only walk toward you. In this fight against waves of zombies, you have no one to rely on but yourself. In that case, arm yourself and get ready to fight for your survival. 

A quick fire rate is required to defeat your attackers in this traditional defense game. Everything you have is at risk right now. You have an automatic weapon in your hands to fend off the zombies and defend your home. But they're coming for you from every direction at once. The key to success is to use the lane's vertical and horizontal dimensions to your advantage when engaging the opposition. New weapons will occasionally be included in promotions, so be on the lookout for them. These weapons will make short work of the zombies you face. Keep in mind that your crow foes tend to hang around in the sky, making them easy targets for your shooting. Make sure to increase your strength, stockpile mines, slow down your foes, and protect yourself with an extra shield. This help is valuable. Therefore, spend your money on it. Keep your territory safe and advance through the levels!

How To Play

How To Play Zombie Last Castle

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