Super Wario Bros 3

Super Wario Bros 3
Super Wario Bros 3

Welcome to Super Wario Bros 3, a fun Mario hack set in the desert with new enemies and levels to explore as you search for treasure!

Mario and Luigi are missing and presumed to have become separated during another mission. According to reports, Bowser has once again captured Princess Peach. Wario and Waluigi believe that if they save Princess Peach, Princess Peach will laud them as first and second instead of Mario and Luigi. Wario and Waluigi are attempting to elevate Mario and Luigi by saving the princess first, but I doubt they will succeed due to the difficulty of this game.

Controls for the game: Enter = Start. The arrow keys correspond to movement. These keys are action buttons: "Z", "X", "S", "D", and "C"

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