Super Ryu World

Super Ryu World
Super Ryu World

Super Ryu World is a ROM modification of the original Super Mario platformer game that is incredibly difficult and insane. If you're new to kaizo and searching for some beginner-friendly tricks, you've come to the right place.

This exploit features new custom maps, dozens of new survival maps, and an infinite amount of lives. The game will torment you by providing you with extremely contradictory information. The game also contains numerous concealed obstacles, unfair situations, etc. Take control of Maryu and complete each level in order to win the game. Are you prepared for this insane challenge? Have fun!

How To Play

  •     = Directions
  • Z = A   X = B
  • A = X   S = Y
  • D = L   C = R
  • enter ↵  = Start
  • space   = Select


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