Sniper 3D

Sniper 3D
Sniper 3D

Use your sniper talents to defend helpless civilians in Sniper 3D. Keep an eye on the streets, accept missions from up high, and use your sniper rifle to take out crooks. Take this new position, and we'll be on the lookout for criminals in no time! 

You can make a difference by assisting the police and the intelligence team in their quest to secure the safety of the city. You can choose tasks, research wanted criminals, and use your power to eliminate them! You have to complete the instructional level and have a grasp on the controls before you can start collecting quests. Right about now, you should be able to take your place among your city's celebrated heroes. Keeping a keen eye out for details is essential, so be patient with your efforts. Don't bother innocent bystanders; just kill the wicked people. Get a closer look at the action with the binoculars and be alert for the go-ahead. If there are a lot of bad guys, you'd better wipe them off fast before the rest of them start firing back. To restore your health, either spend gems or view some advertisements. To better do your job, put away some of your paycheck and invest in some high-quality weapons. Spend your hard-earned money on better firearms so you can do your job more effectively and bring justice to the seedy parts of this city.

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