Pipol Smasher

Pipol Smasher

Pipol Smasher is the perfect way to spend time and relieve tension if you are seeking for one of those things. Put your intellect and rage to use and assist automobiles in committing a variety of atrocities against humans!

You are welcome to beat up other individuals if you have had enough of the world and are seeking for a way to relieve some of your stress. Get your frustrations out, but try to retain a clear head, because this is a game in which you have to consider your options before taking action. Construct your strategy and eliminate your foes using an assortment of cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Make use of the rails, trains, pipelines, and even fire to reduce your opponent to ashes while you beat them and crash them. That should be your primary focus!

What is in store for you is a novel combination of the easygoing rag doll game and the brainteaser.

- The full version of the game - A light game, requiring only a few megabytes of storage space on your device.

- The ideal method for relieving tension and releasing pent-up rage.

- Stunning artwork taken from a comic book.

Eliminate all of the human enemies to rack up additional points. Give this amusing way to pass the time a shot, and I guarantee it will put a grin on your face.

How to play

How To Play Pipol Smasher

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