Mario And Friends in The Ghost’s Gallery

Mario And Friends in The Ghost’s Gallery
Mario And Friends in The Ghost’s Gallery

Welcome to Mario And Friends In The Ghost’s Gallery. In this episode, Mario and his pals are captured in paintings, and Toad must free them by defeating their captor!

Unlock party members in this standard adventure by defeating each party member's individual level. Each character has unique dynamics and a unique jump/boost ability accessible via the A button. Quickly toggle between them in the overworld and enable levels with L and R! To defeat Boo, you do not need to activate all of your allies, but there may be a secret if you do.

A new and thrilling rendition of the classic Super Mario Bros. video game Toad must locate and liberate Mario and his companions from the paintings, as well as defeat the evil ghost that has imprisoned them. You can play as Toad, Peach, Mario, or Luigi, among other Mario characters. Have fun!


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