Hungry Fridge

Hungry Fridge
Hungry Fridge

Have you ever come across a Hungry Fridge? When there is no food in the refrigerator, it becomes hungry, so it is time to get some. Observe the timing and select the appropriate meal to keep the battery healthy.

Each household has a refrigerator. Without it, freshness cannot be maintained. We can no longer envision our lives without this essential home appliance. Every functional refrigerator should contain food, yet ours is devoid of nourishment and ravenous. Foods are displayed in the lower left corner of the display. Be careful! It could shift in a few seconds! Burgers, beers, and pizzas or carrots, apples, and lettuce could be the foods that your refrigerator is yearning for. It should be given exactly what it wants at the exact moment it wants it. If you tap the wrong meal or allow it to fall off the screen, you will lose energy. The game becomes more challenging as your score increases. Let's start!

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