Giant Rush!

Giant Rush!

In the 3D running game Giant Rush, you must gather stick figures that match in order to enlarge and strengthen your own stickman. Become stronger so you can overcome the adversary at the finish line.




How to play

To survive each bout in this stickman combat game, you'll need to build up enough strength. Run the obstacle course while gathering the corresponding stick figures. Your character will expand if you collect stickmen of the same hue; conversely, if you run into any other stickmen, your character will contract.

Along the way, your character's color will also alter. Avoid erroneous stick figures by swerving and changing lanes while continuing to collect the proper ones. You'll need to build up enough strength to run through obstacles such as walls and other obstacles.

There will be a giant at the end of the path waiting for you. You must prevail against him in order to finish the level. The giant will eventually swing his mace, club, or other weapon, so be patient. Move swiftly around him and dive aside so that he keeps missing you. The monster will become exhausted and disoriented as a result, which will allow you to kick and punch him. You can also get four new finishing kicks to deal the killing blow to the opposing giants.


Giant Rush!
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