Flip The Gun

Flip The Gun

Flip the Gun is where you can take command of lethal weaponry and show others how these deadly weapons can be used to your advantage without causing injury. Shooting has been a lucrative business, are you ready to make a fortune?

This is a game unlike any other. You are alone and can do what you want. You shouldn't expect that your work will be easy. Since you'll have to deal with many situations and problems, make sure that your position is good. The goal of the game is to shoot your weapon as far and high as you can. In this game, there are no limitations to your ability to go as far as you want. Simply click on the screen and hit the fire button to begin. As a consequence, your weapon will move and spin. You should note that your gun will bounce in whichever direction the barrel is pointed when you pull the trigger. The level starts with 12 rounds. You will be out of the game immediately if your ammunition runs out. You will have the opportunity to purchase ammo during your journey. You can also find additional coins in each level. They are completely optional. However, you may be able to use them in the game's Shop to purchase items. You will be able to use more powerful weapons such a rifle, shotgun, or rocket launcher. Each weapon has 6 tasks that you must complete. And if you don't have enough time, you might try your hand to earn one of the 28 achievements.

How to play

How To Play Flip The Gun

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