Donkey Kong GB

Donkey Kong GB
Donkey Kong GB

Donkey Kong GB is a 1994 video game for the Game Boy. It is a revamped version of the classic video game Donkey Kong that includes new features.

Donkey Kong begins with four levels from the original arcade game, and Mario must save Pauline by reaching the highest level. After completing these first four levels, the standard arcade ending commences, but after a few notes of the "victory theme," Donkey Kong resurrects, reclaims Pauline, and departs with her. Together with Mario, she gives chase. The final stage will feature a battle against a mutant Donkey Kong. There will be a total of 101 stages in the game.

In subsequent levels, the player must guide Mario through each level to locate the key, employing an entirely different gameplay mechanic. He must retrieve it and transport it to a sealed door located elsewhere on the stage. Every fourth level is a "battle level," in which the player must use his own barrels against Donkey Kong in order to vanquish him. ta. Following the completion of the fourth level, a cutscene will be displayed depicting the player's abilities that may be required for future levels or to introduce new hazards. At this time, players can save their progress, including their performance for each level or the entire game. You can earn additional lives by completing minigames, which are unlocked by collecting three special items in each level or at the conclusion of each set based on the total amount of unused time for that set.

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