Blob Opera

Blob Opera
Blob Opera
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Do you want to become an accomplished musician and have a passion for music? Blob Opera will allow you to experiment with composing your own music.

This is a fun music game that provides infinite enjoyment. You can compose your own music, and the orbs will then sing in an operatic style. You only need to use the mouse skillfully and drag the blobs up and down to create the desired melody. Then, drag the clumps together to combine them. Don't worry if you don't have a natural talent for singing; our talented vocalists will take care of everything. In order for the blobs to play the correct notes, you must strike the corresponding keys on the keyboard in time with the music. The faster your time, the more points you will receive and the more the audience will appreciate your performance. Blob Opera will provide countless hours of entertainment, whether you're a seasoned musician or simply looking for a means to pass the time. Why not try to see how high you can climb?

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