Google Feud

Google Feud
Google Feud

If you desire competition, play Google Feud with your acquaintances and demonstrate who the search engine experts are. Every day, millions of queries are entered into search engines. Can you correctly predict all the answers in three attempts?

Google Feud is a trivia game that is simple to play but challenging to master. Many of the responses will surprise, shock, and amuse you as you attempt to determine what people are seeking. Culture, individuals, names, and questions are included. A round includes one question and three answers. You can then select a new category or keep the current one. Each precise guess will be worth between 1,000 and 9,000 points. If you predict incorrectly three times, the round is over, and you receive no points. Carefully consider your options. If you get lost, perform a Google search for a portion of the phrase and examine the autocomplete results for any hints. The more guesses you make, the more difficult it becomes. If you make three errors, the round ends, and you must begin a new game.

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