Among Impostors

Among Impostors

In Among Impostors, you must grow your team by consuming nearby foods. You find yourself in a little school auditorium upon landing on the floor. The greatest aspect of this room is that the vending machines went berserk and there is food everywhere. Can you capitalize on this situation? 

A large number of real-time competitors will be on the ground. You and your opponents will each begin the game separately. But the primary reason you are here is to clone duplicates of yourself in order to expand your group. To produce more clones, you must consume the packages of food. Each package represents an additional clone and an expansion of the population. If the groups of your opponents have fewer members than your own, you can assault them and absorb their members. You are listed according to your head count and there is a time limit. Attempt to be the group with the most individuals by the level's conclusion. Don't forget to use the coins you earn to get new skins or improve your impostor skills.

How to play

How To Play Among Impostors

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