Using an axe, enter Timberman! Nobody else can perform the dangerous and challenging job you have. Grab an ax, and demonstrate to everyone how powerfully you can sculpt the skyline!

Grab your ax, take a position, and begin to chop away. You will be taken to a number of different locations, where you must use your ax to clear away any wood that you see. Whether it's a tall iron stack, an ancient Egyptian monument, or a tree in a forest, you need to use your ax to try and reduce their unavoidably high heights. You must use caution when cutting these items so as not to crush the branches under them. You must swiftly navigate the woods by left clicking or using the arrow keys on the side opposite the branch in order to avoid being pinched by it. There is a time limit that quickly expires. You can continue playing until you hit a branch or take too long to make a move because the time bar refills with each successful move. Don't forget to use the coins you move to open up new world regions that you can construct. 

How to play

How To Play Timberman

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