Super Oscar

Super Oscar

Super Oscar is your host in a vibrant world filled with many opponents and challenges. Our main character is confident in his abilities to overcome all obstacles and complete the stages. You are willing to join him on this treacherous journey.

There are many levels to choose from, so there is always danger and excitement. In this platformer, you have a simple goal! In order to finish each level you will need to defeat all enemies or avoid them. You also have to overcome all obstacles. Oscar is ready for battle with his powerful arms, and a determined smile. You can move Oscar around using the arrow keys. To jump, press the SPACEBAR. You will see that blocks and bricks are suspended in midair. You can take a leap and smash them with your head while you are still under them. Some blocks will give you cash while others will grant you power-ups. Pay attention to spaces between the platforms. If you fall, you will die. If you have a large distance between yourself and the target, you can do a double jump by pressing the SPACEBAR while still in the air. There will be many gold coins scattered across each level. It is important to try to collect as many coins as possible as they can be used to unlock different items from the in game store. Enjoy playing!

How to play

How To Play Super Oscar

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