SPORTSfootballsportssoccerworld cup, a multiplayer online game reminiscent of hockey pucks, is a lot of fun. Each participant competes against three others. In an effort to deflect the ball away from the goal, your goalkeeper can only move from one side of the goal to the other. Intriguing and easy FRIV football variant.

The objective of this game is to quickly retrieve the yellow ball without touching any of the other white balls. Just use the keyboard arrow keys to guide your avatar in the desired direction. Your remaining lives will appear in a heart form on the left side of the screen. You will lose a life if you contact the white orbs. You'll notice the total amount of yellow balls collected between your score and your health bar. There's a timer countdown at the bottom that's the true competition. When your timer expires, you'll receive fewer points. As you race against the clock to gather the yellow ball, keep an eye out for random extras that will help you out in various ways. Let's see how quickly you can finish everything!

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