Impostor Zombies

Impostor Zombies
Impostor Zombies

In Impostor Zombies, you have to keep zombies away from your tower. Kill as many zombies as you can to earn gold coins and advance through the levels.

A virus has spread among the impostors and turned them into zombies. Now, these fake zombies are coming to attack your town. Now is the time to save your city. You'll aim and shoot the bow at the top of the tower. You'll have to shoot arrows at the fake zombies coming at you to stop them from breaking through the limit and killing you. If that happens, you lose and die, so you must do everything you can to stop it. You can use the coins you get from killing waves of zombies to buy upgrades, like making yourself faster or buying more powerful weapons like fire and bombs. It's that easy and interesting, so we hope you start fighting all these waves of zombies right away, have a lot of fun, and stick around for more of it to come here.

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