TrollFace Quest: USA 1

TrollFace Quest: USA 1
TrollFace Quest: USA 1

As seen in TrollFace Quest: USA 1, the notorious troll has set his sights on wreaking havoc in the United States. Join him, and do your best to outsmart that grinchy prankster. You'll get to interact with well-known movie figures and see well-known filming locations if you can successfully complete each stage. 

Sharing jokes and anecdotes is always entertaining, but one troll has a penchant for going a step farther into mischief. In order to win this entertaining game, you must outwit the troll and progress through each level. To begin using your mouse with the game, click the "play" button on the main menu. Choose a level from the subsequent menu. You can't just randomly click through a level and hope for a good outcome; there is a method to the madness. No one can guess what this troll has in mind. Use trial and error to look for a solution to the level's puzzles. Are you stuck? The usage of hints is always welcome. This is a step in the right direction. Your supply of hints is limited, so make the most of them! Best of luck!


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