Medieval Battle 2P

Medieval Battle 2P

Medieval Battle 2P requires you to defend your territory and win! These are challenging times. If you want to survive the medieval era, you will need every ounce of power on earth to protect your lands and people. Do you think it is possible to be the ultimate victor in history?

This wonderful strategy game will see you as the leader of your kingdom in medieval times. You will be caught up in a medieval conflict. You are the commander of an army and responsible for managing the entire force. You must complete all 24 stages of the single-player game. You can use spearmen, archers and various types medieval infantry to your advantage. You must decide at each stage how many and whereabouts of each troop you will place on the battlefield. You can also decide where your troops are placed on the battlefield. If your plan succeeds and you have more troops alive, the fights could be won in end. Remember that you can compete with your friends in 2 player mode if they are playing on the same computer. Let's find out who will reign supreme in the medieval world over the next century!


How to play

How To Play Medieval Battle 2P

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