Halloween Skeleton Smash

Halloween Skeleton Smash

Get in your car for the Halloween Skeleton Smash and get ready to smash some skeletons! This is yet another occasion, like Halloween, which brings with it a variety of exciting delights. Take this spooky road and do your best to avoid it!

In this spooky game, your goal is to keep driving your car as long as you can. The extent of the car's damage and the amount of gas you have left will determine how long you can stay on the road. By using the red and green indicators on the screen's left and right sides, respectively, you may examine the damage and your gas levels. Your primary objective is to destroy as many skeletons as you can on the highway. But excess material, such as rocks or coffins, will damage your car. You must be quick to change directions while rotating your vehicle, which requires agility. To control this, you can either click left on the screen or use the arrow keys. To level up more quickly, pay attention to the fix and extra gas benefits. Make sure to improve your car's durability, supply, handling, and special features if you want to get better at the game.

How to play

How To Play Halloween Skeleton Smash

Halloween Skeleton Smash
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