Snowball Kickup

Snowball Kickup
Snowball Kickup

Snowball Kickup is a fun Christmas game where you try to become an expert at throwing snowballs by bouncing them as many times as possible.

Even if it is sunny outside, the snow has blanketed everything like a white blanket! One of the best winter hobbies is playing in the snow! You may use your mouse to play this game, so start by clicking the play button on the main menu! Simply click on the snowball to make it bounce. Pay attention since the direction it will travel is determined by the area you click on. Try to hold it in the air for as long as possible while making it bounce to get points. If you fail and the snowball hits the ground, you'll earn your final score, and the game will be over. Stretch your fingers and crack your knuckles as you try to beat your previous high score! How many points do you think you'll be able to accumulate in this addicting game?

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