Rope Help
Rope Help

In Rope Help, it's up to you to get these hapless stick figures to their goal without getting hurt along the way. A fun, ultra-casual skills and puzzle game where you drag the rope to your goal location. But watch out—the spikes and other obstacles can cause casualties. So, you need a well-thought-out plan to determine the most efficient route for them to take. Are you ready to undertake some creative thinking?

Rope travel might seem exciting, but it's actually pretty risky, especially in this stickman universe. Many people are counting on you to get them to their destination in one piece. You can be of assistance by extending the rope until it hooks into the desired location. But there are many perilous challenges on your path. Things like round blades, electrical lines, and more will be waiting for you when you open the box. The stick figures can be made to move by clicking on the screen. They'll be tying up their shoes and climbing the rope in pairs. After you've hung the robe on the hook, you should click once to ensure the first pair makes it. At the end of each stage, the player must have a particular percentage of their team present at the final destination. In order to reduce the number of individuals needed to sacrifice, you may need to do so. By collecting gems, you unlock new skins to wear.


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