God Simulator

God Simulator

God Simulator lets you feel the power. You may have ever wondered how one the most stable organizations on Earth managed to make it so far. You now have the chance of creating a new religion for yourself and contributing to its growth step by step. Do you have the desire to unify all of Earth under a single religion.

This strategy game, which is about religions is quite remarkable. You will have the opportunity to view the globe map from your computer and to try to get the religion you want to be accepted in the nations you choose. Your ultimate goal should be to have your religion recognized by as many countries as you can. You have the option to choose from several religious systems like monotheism (or spiritualism), or even a totalitarian one. After you have chosen a belief system, your game will begin as a beginner. Once you have chosen your belief system, it is possible to name your religion. The rest is all strategy. In order to make your religion spread across the planet, you'll need to colonize your followers as well as become tactically smart. Let's take a look at how well we can accomplish this task!

How to play

How To Play God simulator

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