Devil Cry

Devil Cry
Devil Cry

Join the battle on the enchanting sky islands of Devil Cry, a fantasy realm with gorgeous warriors, charmed weapons, and mystical enemy armies! Choose one of the stunning and powerful warriors, improve your attack skills, and gather weaponry in order to keep up with the incredible bosses! Confront hellhounds with three heads, huge demons, chibi bats, and skeleton archers! Get rewarded between fights and try your luck with the lucky draw!

Here, you may follow the chapter-by-chapter adventures of our heroes, unlock new characters, and improve their skills and weapons! Follow the dialogues and begin your journey's first chapter. You have one basic attack, four special attacks, and a dodging skill. Your assaults can stun lesser foes, but the safest plan would be to strike once or twice and then dodge. Some foes mark their territory for their impending strikes with red spots; avoid these red places and go behind the foe to deal more damage. Choose and improve your passive skills between levels, and sign bargains with the devil for power. Return to the character menu after finishing a chapter. Here, you can improve your weapon and character. You can also visit the shop and view some advertisements to obtain gems.

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