Daddy Rabbit

Daddy Rabbit
Daddy Rabbit
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The jelly zombies are attacking this enormous farm in Rabbit Daddy. Now what? Fathers have the responsibility to keep their kids safe, but they can't do it alone. The small rabbits' biggest issue is that they often nod off as they travel. It's not safe for anyone around here if they wake up crying. You've been tasked with guiding a father rabbit and his family through a subterranean maze to safety. 

This gorgeous family is safe, yet danger lurks overhead. The jelly zombies pose a grave danger to their safety. Look for the father to help you navigate the vast tunnels below ground. In this incredible 3D game, your goal is to guide the father rabbit to safety. The problem is that, being infants, the kids tend to nod off frequently. In order to go through the levels, you must gather the infant bunnies, gems, and coins and deliver them to the mole. It's fine if the infants are napping. Unfortunately, the zombies will come looking for them if they make a lot of noise. That's why it's important to take things carefully and make sure no one gets left behind. If you see any zombies, you can scare them away by throwing one of your carrots at them. Please help our small animals by following the directions and completing this mission.

How To Play

How To Play Daddy Rabbit

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