Amigo Pancho 2

Amigo Pancho 2
Amigo Pancho 2

Join our intrepid protagonist in Amigo Pancho 2, who isn't afraid of heights! Our hero, having heard rumors of a fantastic party in New York City, sets out for the city's most talked-about venue. Have you got what it takes to get him to the top of the skyscraper where he can finally let loose? This is going to be an unforgettable evening filled with peril and perplexity. 

Like in the original game, Amigo likes to use balloons to get where he's going. Your job is to guide him through each stage without letting any of his balloons burst on the way. Select the new game option from the main menu to begin playing this mouse-controlled game. The final objective is to complete all 25 levels. Throughout each stage, you'll have to devise a strategy for making a path for your protagonist. Your character can't reach the clouds unless you click on all the sharp items and other obstacles blocking his path. You'll have to use your wits to outsmart an old foe as well. Your timed performance on each level will determine your final score. Enjoy!

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