Wings Rush

Wings Rush

In the game Wings Rush, you should extend your legs and be ready to do high jumps till you cross the finish line. Good luck! Our intrepid companion, who is dressed in blue and getting ready for a lengthy voyage full of traps and hurdles, You have to assist him in jumping at the appropriate moment throughout his continuous run. However, you must be careful since the perils include not only lethal traps but also a variety of other obstacles! How many different locations can you find without making a mistake?

It is common knowledge that going on adventures and racing at high speeds are both really enjoyable activities. But what about poisoned waterways, robots that attack, and dangerous animals? There are always going to be some problems with fun, right? In this thrilling game of skill, there is only one goal for you to strive to achieve: stay alive! We've got you covered in regard to the running component. Once you start the game, our characters will begin to run by themselves automatically. To make this blue buddy jump and get around the obstacles, you need to use your mouse's left click button or your finger to touch the screen. However, let us not overlook the importance of the rings. Your goal should be to obtain as many golden rings as you can so that you can unlock other adorable characters. You will proceed forward to the next location as soon as you cross the finish line. In the event that you are unsuccessful, you will begin again from the point you last saved. Don't be concerned at all! This exciting journey has no restrictions on the number of times you can try again.

How to play

How To Play Wings Rush

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