Venom's Adventures

Venom's Adventures
Venom's Adventures

Venom's Adventures are getting more and more thrilling! The evolution of this creature needs you, so get ready to play your part! If you manage to make it through this perilous journey while carrying our precious poison, you will become the next supernatural superpowered creature. However, there will be many roadblocks in your path. In a moment, you'll be entering this shadowy realm, so prepare your hands now. 

You can mark today as the day the night fell on your city. The two possible futures are clear if you know their background. The light-seeking one will be welcomed, while the other will be doomed to the realm of poison. The ball is in your court now. Are you willing to join Venom on its quest and guide it to its ultimate fate? To win this interesting and entertaining adventure game, you must guide Venom to the tunnel. High jumps are required as you attempt to escape hazards such as spikes, flames, and sharp blades. There are three different gameplay options available to you. In order to customize your experience, however, you should first begin with the game's original mode. How quickly you finish each level is used to determine your final score. If you want to unlock the challenging Hard mode, you'll need to gather the diamonds in the Classic mode. When you switch to survival mode, the world will suddenly become filled with hazards and traps. Your goal now is simply to stay alive. If you're down, let's press the button and begin.

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