Snail Bob 6

Snail Bob 6

In Snail Bob 6, titled "Winter Story," you'll need to bundle up before embarking on an icy journey. Snail Bob was not expecting to see a ransom note as his Christmas present, but it would appear that someone has taken Grandpa Snail hostage! It is now time for Bob to put on his winter coat and embark on an exciting new journey. In Bob's sixth adventure, you'll get to see an incredible set of winter-themed levels filled with snowy traps and freezing obstacles. Can you guide Snail Bob through the challenging challenges and get him back to his grandfather? Make sure you don't trip and hurt yourself! 

Joy and revelry are appropriate emotions to feel during the Christmas season. a time that is spent with one's friends and family members. However, Snail Bob's life is always full of odd occurrences, and this holiday is no exception to that rule. The purpose of Snail Bob 6: Winter Story is the same as it is in the other games in this great puzzle-filled series, which is to guide Snail Bob through 25 different levels of increasing difficulty. To clear a path for Snail Bob through each of the levels, you will have to solve a variety of riddles that are presented to you. Remove all of the barriers from Bob's path so that he can continue on to the next level. Along the road that Bob travels, you will find a variety of buttons, levers, and moving platforms. Are you able to figure out how to activate the lifts, open and close the doors, and modify the environment around Bob in order to avoid the dangerous traps and hungry predators? In addition to these difficult aspects, every level also has three hidden stars to find. To gain access to the minigames, you will need to look for and collect all of them. Keep an eye out for stars because the only way to unlock these bonus levels is to collect all of the ones there are.

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How To Play Snail Bob 6

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