Ninja VS Slime

Ninja VS Slime
Ninja VS Slime

Join the courageous ninja entrusted with defending the temple from swarms of endless slime monsters in Ninja Vs Slime. Even for a skilled ninja, mucus-spewing monsters are a formidable foe. You will aid the ninja in repelling the never-ending tides of slime monsters. Ninja vs. Slime's demanding gameplay and arcade-style visuals are certain to keep you engaged.

How to play

The goal of the game is to prevent slimy creatures from reaching the ninja. To accomplish this, you must kill them with shurikens thrown by ninjas, preparing each throw carefully to maximize the effectiveness of each blade. Click/tap and hold to target the shurikens, and then let go to send them flying. This allows you ample time to meticulously prepare each of your strikes, as the sliding monsters will only move after each throw.

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