Impostor Zombrush

Impostor Zombrush

The impostor adventures of Impostor Zombrush carry on from where they left off. This time, our hero finds herself in a dangerous situation from which she must flee. Because everyone else here wants to eat your soul. Come on, let's play and get out of there! 

Together with the impostors, we are set to embark on a completely new adventure! It's time to enjoy some laughs in a crazy world. Your character has to escape the hands of other little ones among us who only want to consume him, and you are the one who will control him and assist him escape from there. Are you prepared to embark on this journey? Then get going with the game straight away by pressing the play button. The purpose of each level in this game is to reach the end zone by correctly navigating the little character imposter between the blocks. Prove that you can adapt swiftly to new situations. Our community's tiniest heroes set out on a perilous journey through a cube world, where they must traverse a maze of platforms and avoid obstacles to reach the end alive. You must take extreme precautions to avoid being caught, as everyone is vying for your position and will kill you if they succeed. Along the way, you'll collect a ton of coins that may be used to buy new playables. Get some enjoyment out of this brand new game.

How to play

How To Play Impostor Zombrush

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