Kick the Mario

Kick the Mario
Kick the Mario

Kick The Mario is a fun and relaxing game featuring a ragdoll character and an extensive arsenal of weapons. In this game, you will strike, shake, smash, and torture our dear friend Mario's dolls.

This time, our dear old friend Mario will play the role of a miserable, ragged doll. Here, you will assume the role of Bowser, who ultimately has the opportunity to exact vengeance on the grumpy plumber. The man frequently sabotages his own plans and cannot let this go without a response. Now, the dragon has devised a cunning plan and is prepared to exact revenge on his sworn nemesis. You complete each level by repeatedly depleting Mario's vitality bar, and the faster you do it, the higher your score! You can purchase weapons to discharge at him with the coins you earn from each kick or shot by clicking anywhere on the screen other than him; the weapon will then be thrown in that direction. The more you play, the more coins you earn, and the stronger your swords, hammers, shurikens, guns, and even explosives become. Find inventive ways to take this character down level after level and see how far you can go with virtual torture, which is completely innocuous and entertaining!

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