Mad Burger

Mad Burger
Mad Burger

Prepare to showcase your incredible burger-throwing abilities in Mad Burger! You play as a chef who must prepare the wackiest sandwiches on the planet. Certainty dictates that you cannot deliver sandwiches there via a standard route. In this game, the burger will travel through the air to reach you. The objective of this thrilling flying burger game is to travel as far as possible. Prepare burgers, select delectable recipes, and purchase new ingredients and abilities to progress as far as possible in the game with the flying burger. As the burger flies through the air, you can enhance your speed by tapping the screen to use the sauce. The quantity of the bottle of sauce in the lower left quadrant is limited. Remember to capture various toppings to earn coins, as there are a variety of in-game upgrades to purchase! When the patties arrive, you will be able to view your statistics and visit the store. Improve your abilities, acquire upgrades, and throw the burger as far as possible!

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