Kingdom of the Wind

Kingdom of the Wind

As a Wind Warrior Leader in Kingdom Of The Wind, you must combat the most vexing enemy soldiers to defend what is rightfully yours! Create an incredible army of sky warriors to save your castle from destruction!

In this classic tower defense game, explore the skies and join the windiest battlefields! Join an epic conflict to protect your own cloud castle. Experiment with various steampunk devices and futuristic abilities. You command an entire army of flying mechs and minions.

What's on the inside:

One of the all-time great touchdown games.

-Distinctive talents and powerful ultimates

-A beautiful steampunk setting--The complete game

Become a renowned wind war commander by defending your tower for as long as possible before allied forces arrive. Destroy your opponents and protect your cloud metropolis from dozens of hostile attack waves.

Best wishes on the battlefield!

How to play

How To Play Kingdom of the Wind

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